Palmistry is usually associated with fairground types in hooped earrings (whose palm you have to cross with silver), who will  tell you that you are about to meet a tall dark handsome stranger – just by looking at the lines on your hand.  Probably a bit of jiggery-pokery and guess work went on and it was all a bit of a laugh.   Palmistry has been around for hundreds of years, but it is actually not fortune-telling guess-work, but a serious  science which in recent years has had a resurge of interest.
A palmist looks at all aspects of your hand – the size, the shape, the lengths of the fingers, the joints (phlanges in palmistry-speak) the position of the thumb, the flexibility of the palm and fingers, and of course the lines on the palm.  Everything means something and is a sure way of assessing the character and potential of the client.   Like an astrological chart will show the client’s character and potential from the planet positions at the moment of their birth, a palmist can tell ‘who you are and what you do’  just from looking at both hands.

As the palm is linked to astrology anyway – the two sciences going hand in glove, as it were – I like to give what I call Astro-palm readings instead of just a palmistry reading.   With Astro-palmistry, you get your astrological chart and interpretation read as well as your palm.

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