Valerie Anckorn

Astrology Readings

Valerie gives astrological readings at her studio where you will be given a printout of your birth chart, which will show the planets that were overhead at your birth.  Valerie will explain how the planets influence your character and potential, your traits and personality and she can then counsel you on different aspects of your […]

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How can Reiki Help you?

WHICH CONDITIONS CAN REIKI-SEICHEM HELP?• Relief for all health problems • Help with psychological and emotional problems• Healing traumas related to past events• Creating a deep relaxation that can produce answers to problems• Relieving insomnia, migraine, joint and muscular complaints, lack of energy, respiratory and other problems. • Providing comfort during grief• Bringing peace to

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Palmistry Readings

Palmistry is usually associated with fairground types in hooped earrings (whose palm you have to cross with silver), who will  tell you that you are about to meet a tall dark handsome stranger – just by looking at the lines on your hand.  Probably a bit of jiggery-pokery and guess work went on and it was

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